Let Us Vote For Pulau Sipadan Sabah as a New Wonders

Let Us Vote Pulau Sipadan Sabah.

Pulau Sipadan are one island located near to Semporna Sabah, a town in eastern coast of Sabah . Sipadan Island was the sole ocean island in Malaysia which comprises of limestone with height 600 metres from sea level. Famous Sipadan Island as either place choice diving probably best in the world.

History Of Pulau Sipadan Sabah.

This Pulau have been demanded before with by Malaysia and Indonesia. That issue is was taken to Antarabangsa's Court Of Justice. By proof completed Malaysia with British support, Antarabangsa's Court Of Justice hand over Sipadan Island to Malaysia along with Pulau Ligitan in year 2003. This decision based on "effective mastery" (effective occupation) which indicated by British (former pengkoloni Malaysia previously), and better claim absence. Indonesian government feel very disappointed with that decision.

Diving at Sipadan

In year 2004, the Government of Malaysia ordered all on-site dive and resort operators of Sipadan to move their structures out of the island by 31 December 2004. This move is mainly to conserve a balanced ecosystem for Sipadan and its surrounding. Diving will continue to be allowed in Sipadan for divers who are ferried in and out by dive and resort operators from the mainland and surrounding islands. However, tourists and keen divers should be warned that the number of permits available for Sipadan each day is limited to 120 spread between 12 resorts and allocated by the local authorities using unknown criteria. For example, a resort such as the Sipadan-Mabul Resort (SMART) may have 70 guests on any given day and only 10 permits available. You will experience world class diving, and maybe the most known diving spot is the Barracuda Point, where during the morning dive you'll often encounter a very large school of Barracuda or Big Eye Trevallies. This is only one of many rare experiences you'll have diving the reef off Sipadan island. There will be a lot of Green Turtle, Hawkbill Turtle and Whitetip reef shark and even the rare encounter of Hammerhead sharks.

The only oceanic island in Malaysia which rises 600 meters from the seabed, Sipadan Island is a world wonder in its own right. It is formed by living corals engulfing an extinct volcano cone which took centuries to develop. Located at the centre of the Indo-Pacific basin, Sipadan Island has one of the world?s richest marine biodiversity in its ecosystem. Emerging from 222 participating countries, Sipadan Island has been nominated as one of the 261 qualified national and multinational nominees. Your votes will decide which of these nominees will make it to the top 77 in each group category. You have one vote and seven choices.


Submarine natural Sipadan offer to full view all divers with marine life such as barracuda, turtle, fish etc. Great colours and replace, bulwark, slit, stone overhanging, cavern and cerombong vertical under water formed by various coral waiting to witness by all divers would like to enjoy dive place enjoyable in the world. This Pulau have been spawned as wild life sanctuary in year 1933 and his original environment maintained until to this day .

Now, Sipadan Island again steal world attention when selected in nomination 'The New 7 Wonders Of Nature' conducted by The New 7 Wonders Foundation. Well off Sipadan Island in 'GROUP B - Islands and well off modern position in 17th place of 30 islands famous world.

Such as Seve Wonders Of The Worlds famous another namely Taj Mahal and Chinese Great Wall, if successful Sipadan Island in this selection, Sipadan Island would attract many more tourists to come to this country. As Malaysians, you also can help in 'On Line Vote's Campaign' are prepared at official website 'New 7 Wonders
that is at http://www.new7wonders.com/

Pulau Sipadan nomination to Seven Natural World Miracle have got over first phase 'New 7 Wonders and now vote campaign second phase on administered until 7 July 2009. In this second phase found 261 nominations 'natural world places of interest' and only 77 candidate only those are qualified for to third phase later. However so far, Sipadan Island still not stay in position 77 this.

Due to this as Malaysians, come along we united with give support and vote to Sipadan Island. Hopefully with this vote of we will can put Sipadan Island as either Seven Natural World Miracle which became tourist's main choice to come to Malaysia, further enliven tourism industry and national economy. Jom, we vote Sipadan Island!



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