Climbing Mount Kinabalu memory

Me and my cousin only accompanying my friend on his training to join the mount kinabalu climbing race, so our entrance fee are free , thank you to Jasrin because bring us here and supported us the entrance fee. He manage to climb and get down from the mountain for only three and a half hour i think.
So my cousin and i just try to climb the mountain until we are tired, and get down again from the point that we are tired. Mount kinabalu view are very beautiful, anybody who comes here will surely be fascinated by mount kinabalu view, anyone who are stressed out from the city life are recommended to come here and it surely will bring peace to you mind.
Very tired face, this picture is taken at the top of the entrance gate where you start you climb.

I remember an old ladies said to us when we are on the way climbing the mount, she said "mount kinabalu is just like a backyard to you guys"-old ladies..

This is Syamsuri, he is a manager in Samcons Enterprise and a young contractor.
This is Junidi Jain a chargeman in Institut Kemahiran Mara Kota Kinabalu, good in troubleshooting problem about electricity.
for me the climb were very tiring and my feet is killing me but when going down it is very easy for me and not tiring, and walahhh what do you feet does not hurt anymore .

Junidi full of energy at the begining
This picture is taken when we are on our way to climbing to the top. At carson fall
Junidi and his pose ....

We did not manage finish our climb to mount kinabalu..because we did not prepare for the climb ,for example we only wear slipper and lack of time,as you know we are following our friend that is on training for the Race to climb mount kinabalu

If you want to know about the preparation before you want to climb mount kinabalu you can visit this website (link)


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